Get Your Fix at Nick's

Delicious Pizza, Wings, Salads & More!


About Us

Locally Owned

A relaxed pizza spot, utilizing local ingredients to make delicious pizzas, salads, and more!

We specialize in fresh, flavor packed pizzas; and are dedicated to satisfying the tastebuds of each and every customer. The team at Nick’s is committed to serving the greater El Paso & New Mexico community with delectable, hot and ready meals while providing out-of-this-world service. Come to us hungry—and we’ll leave you happy!


Fresh Ingredients

From entrees to desserts, we’re here to serve up an exceptional experience.

We stick to quality. Over-processed and fake ingredients don’t exist in our kitchen. We invest in each ingredient and look for continuously innovative ways to deliver the highest quality options possible.

Takeout or Curbside

We’re here for you through thick and thin (no, not just with crust).

Whether you’re throwing a pizza party, need a quick bite for lunch, or are bringing home the next family dinner; we want you to have the very best in taste and service no matter the occasion.


"I was really impressed with Nick’s Pizza! The ingredients were all very fresh (including fresh spinach which was awesome!) and the crust is great, not too thick and not too thin. The white pepperoni pizza was really great and the wings are crispy without being super greasy. Great place, we will be back!!"

Sara Doonan

"Pretty impressive! The Pizza was legit!"


"Awesome service and even better pizza!"